Insomnia can have several causes, because there are many factors that can influence the occurrence and quality of sleep:

  • Environmental causes: Is the insomnia that appears due to lifestyle habits with negative impact on the length, quality and / or ability to fall asleep. The main environmental causes are: poor sleep hygiene, intake of certain substances such as caffeine, alcohol and smoke, frequent changes of work periods or long travels (jet lag).
  • Psychological causes: These are usually transient cases of nervousness, anxiety, periods of stress or trauma affecting our emotional or mental balance.
  • Medical or pharmacological causes: some hormonal diseases, metabolic or neurological disorders, digestive problems or other conditions that might make difficult to fall asleep or affect the rest, can be considered causes of insomnia.

Due to the variability of the causes responsible for insomnia and the possibility of remedying some of them, it is very important to review our habits and sleep hygiene since the onset of difficulty sleeping or having the feeling of not enough rest despite a complete sleeping night.