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Sleepy is a food supplement of melatonin and vitamin B6 which is presented in a unique and innovative drug delivery system of oral films (strips) that dissolve fast and completely in the mouth.

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced that helps the body to maintain its natural rhythm, adjusting normally the cycles of sleep and wakefulness. Melatonin is widely used by persons who work during the night, because it helps to reduce the time to sleep and also by persons who frequently travel, because it helps to alleviate the subjective feeling of jet lag.

Besides melatonin, Sleeply has in its composition vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) which is multifunctional, and is important in the maintenance of a good health. Vitamin B6 besides helping the body to produce antibodies to fight disease and infection, helps the nervous system in the process of endogenous synthesis of hormones such as serotonin, norepinephrine and melatonin, that influences our mood and biological cycles. Some studies have shown that the administration of vitamin B6 is associated with increase of melatonin biosynthesis when compared to the control group. Furthermore, the deficient production of vitamin B6 has also been linked with a reduction in endogenous melatonin.


The innovative drug delivery system of Sleeply (strips) give  the product clear advantages when compared to other oral dosage forms, such as tablets, capsules, liquid or inhalants. This new delivery system of films has the following therapeutic advantages: reduction of the dosage improving efficacy and safety profile, improves product onset, reduces the time of dissolution and absorption, increased product stability and is more convenient and enjoyable for patients and consumers. Nowadays, pharmaceutical companies and consumers alike have embraced this new drug delivery system as a practical and accepted alternative to traditional medicine forms.




Sleeply is an innovative and effective product used to solve problems associated with jet lag and to reduce the time to fall asleep. Sleeply main benefits and advantages are:

    • Reduces the time required to fall asleep.
    • Improving the quality and duration of sleep.
    • By improving sleep quality enhances body functionality and quality of life.
    • Relieve the subjective feeling of jet lag.
    • Vitamin B6 enhances the beneficial effects of melatonin on sleep.
    • The innovative drug delivery system of Sleeply makes it an effective product.
    • Sleeply is a safe product because has no side effects.

Besides melatonin, Sleeply has in its composition Vitamin B6 which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, to keep a normal psychological function and to reduce fatigue and many others beneficial health effects.

The endogenous production of melatonin begins with the first hours of darkness, reaching their highest levels during the first hours of the night. With advancing age the production of melatonin start to decline and this explains why older people develop insomnia more often. Being Sleeply an agonist of melatonin receptors (MT1 and MT2) it improves the quality and duration of sleep.